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Website Design and Development

fast, flexible, mobile friendly

We are on the leading edge, and we’ll deliver smashing results every time. With HTML5 and CSS3, the modern web can be an engaging and interesting experience, and because we use WordPress, your site’s maintenance is a breeze. Worried about mobile devices? Our sites are tailored to look great on your desktop, and on your Ipad, Iphone or Android devices.

eCommerce Website Design and Optimization

fast, flexible, mobile friendly

Are you looking to start selling your products or services online? Confused about which platform to use, how shipping works, or what payment processors you should go with? You’ve come to the right place. We excel in WooCommerce (WordPress) and Shopify eCommerce sites, and we can walk you through the entire process; including how to manage your store once it has been launched. It’s time to make your dream a reality – hello future eCommerce entrepreneurs!

Website Updates and Redesigns

Sell your products or services online

A website redesign is no simple task – in many ways there’s a lot more to it than building a new website. We will take you through the entire process of building your redesigned website, from initial concepts to the final launch. Eggplant Studios takes great care during this process – you may have legacy content, customers and products, unique custom scripts, etc; and we’ll be extra-sure that these systems are either migrated along or upgraded with the new site.

Custom WordPress Solutions

Custom plugins, themes, or add-on features?

With 8+ years of experience developing WordPress websites, themes and plugins, Eggplant Studios can help bring almost any concept into reality. Whether you need a quick-fix, or a full fledged plugin or theme, we can design, develop and deploy a custom solution – just for you. Plus, all of our work is inherently integrated into WordPress the right way ensuring and future updates, or new development doesn’t crash your website!

Website and SEO Audits

Curious how we can help upgrade your website?

Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion. Eggplant offers website and SEO audits to help clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their website. These audits are impartial and informative, and include a hit-list of key takeaways that you can present to your stakeholders. Our audits are meant to be shared, and to be acted upon – but you as the client can choose who actually does the work. Sometimes the suggested changes are easily achievable, and other times they may require some technical finesse. Either way, if you do choose Eggplant Studios to complete the work from our Audit, we will discount the cost of the work!

Help, I've been hacked!

Limit downtime, and fix your hacked website the right way.

If your website has been hacked, you’ve found the right place. Eggplant Studios has been in the Web Development business since 2012, and we’ve helped mitigate and restore our fair share of hacked websites. Dozens of clients trusted us to get their website back online; and in most cases a clean and hardened website was re-launched same-day!

White Hat SEO

Optimize your website, and rank higher!

We hate bullshit, and most SEO services are full it (sorry guys). SEO is about creating a strong framework – a plan – to help your website perform better for your specific needs. Whether that need is generating new clients, or informing existing ones, proper SEO is an important step in ensuring your site is getting the most from search engines. We will help you promote your site and have it easily recognizable by search engines, through extensive keyword research, content analysis and site structure optimizations – all of which are no-hype no-bullshit true and tangible solutions.

Website Hosting

Stress-free hosting solutions for your Website

Yes, we can also take the headache out of website hosting too! Your new or redesigned website can benefit from top-tier WordPress optimized hosting. Our linux servers are running modern software, which helps us deliver blazing fast load times. Plus, you benefit from having direct, on-call support for your hosting platform – we’re only a phone call away!