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3. Let’s get Planning!

Planning is essential, but often when it comes to creating a new website the planning phase is often rushed, or overlooked completely. I get it, I’m a business owner too, the ever-busy dynamic nature of running a business has so many demands who has the time? Well, the challenge is to make the time – remember – your website is the #1 marketing tool you have, it’s definitely not something to take lightly!

Planning out a new website can be a lot like hiring a contractor to build you a house. There are many considerations, if you call up and ask any contractor “How much for new house?”, the only right answer is “It Depends.” It depends on how big you want it, how you want to roof it, how many floors, or if it needs special Italian marble floors. A good contractor will help you figure out these needs, and put it together for you, perfectly, the first time. A failure to plan could easily make your new house a huge headache!

But back to websites, improper planning can cost more money to fix than if it was spent planning in the first place. For example, a designer may make assumptions, which may or may not be correct; the back and forth communication on trivial things can begin to add up; Backtracking and redo’s can delay or create cost overruns; Unforseen work may end up costing more money than was planned for; and dissatisfaction can take over as the project ends up being a big pain for both parties.

This section is dedicated to helping build a Website Plan. A website plan will be your guiding light for the creation of your new site. Whether you choose to build it yourself, or have a web designer do it, its critical you have your concept on paper!

Action Items

  • Complete the Website Planning Guide
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