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7. I have a website, now what?

Congratulations! Your new website is out to the world and your ready to embark on the next phase of your journey – getting people to it! Remember – a website has to more than sit there and look pretty. It’s a smaller part in a larger machine – known as your marketing strategy. Help people find you, engage them, convert them into a customer, and keep them!

Install Google Analytics and Search Console:

Just do it now and thank me later! These two tools are vital in any in-depth research into how users find and user your new website. Analytics data should be the fuel you use to make future optimizations to your website, tweak your SEO, and orientate your marketing efforts online.

Get ranked in Google:

Unfortunately, a new site has a bit of an uphill battle when competing in search engines for traffic. The vast majority of small businesses have a fire-and-forget attitude to their websites – roughly 25% update their site more than once a year. By being pro-active, your search presence can and will grow steadily. Proper on-page SEO will make the world of difference; but it shouldn’t be your silver bullet. Once your site is launched your online marketing plan should be kicking in. Adwords, social media, blogging, networking etc., are all valid strategies. Lastly, please ignore any and all unsolicited SEO services – the vast majority prey on the misunderstandings about what SEO is, and charge an arm and a leg for what is essentially pixie dust.  Instead, we would recommend taking that budget and purchasing Search Ads in Google.

Optimize your website for speed:

Page speed is becoming a key factor in how well your site ranks (not to mention how well it runs!). A user will often abandon a link to your site if it takes too long to load. There are plenty of optimization techniques, unfortunately most are technical wizardry – but one thing you can do that will make a huge difference, is optimize your images, be very judicious in your plugin use, and have a good host!

Update regularly:

If you’ve committed to a blog you better be using it! Not only is it good for generating new traffic and keeping your site fresh, it keeps YOU thinking about your business. Also, if you choose to advertise your specials, or other timely promotions, be sure you keep them updated, and remove outdated info quickly.

Network and build presence:

A website is a part of a larger whole – and your social media accounts are too (you’ll want to make those asap!). Which social media services you use is up to you, your niche, and your strategy. But, go with the big ones for sure (FacebookTwitter, etc), and don’t forget industry specific ones like TripAdvisor and Zomato. Lastly, if you have a brick and mortar get a Google MyBusiness account – that’s critical – as it will ad your location to google maps, and create that little sidebar in search results.

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