How to find your mail setup settings

It's easy and only takes a couple steps.

Please double, triple and quadruple check your settings when you're setting up your email. 99.9% of issues are typically misspellings or incorrect settings.

Step 1:

Log into your webmail

Step 2:

Navigate to your Webmail Home.

  • If you load directly into your Inbox, look for the ‘Webmail Home’ button on the left hand sidebar.
  • If you load directly into Webmail Home, you’re where you need to be!

Step 3:

Find the Configure Mail Client area, and click into it.

Step 4:

Copy down the settings, or add them to your Mail App. You may also download the preconfigured setup files for the listed applications.


For more information and troubleshooting, please visit our Email Setup instructions page, and enter your email in the Get Setup Instructions for field.

Written by Shawn Wernig

Shawn Wernig

Lead Creative at Eggplant Studios

Shawn Wernig is the lead creative behind Eggplant Studios. While not full time (let's face it, more than full time) designing websites for his clients, Shawn enjoys good beer, double-doubles, and hiding from his phone.