Don't design another database without looking at this!

Using for mocking up MySQL Databases

I’m starting up a new personal Laravel project this year – a reservation system for Campgrounds. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of campgrounds here in BC with some pretty dated reservation software, and hopefully a solution like this is something they’d jump on board with.

The thing is, planning out a MySQL Database for such a project (already at 22 tables and counting!) can get really complicated really fast – especially with all the relationships required for this sort of thing.

Typically I just notepad this kind of thing… and that quickly got out of hand.

The solution for me is to use a database diagram app – something that I can input my tables and columns, define relationships and visualize how it will all look in a shareable and collaborative way.

Enter QuickDB (

Creating Tables

Creating tables is ridiculously easy. The markup schema is easy to follow (check the docs)

Creating Relationships

Relationships are just as easy – just remember to check the docs for how to do many to many, one to many, and many to one relations.

Get Creating!

Give QuickDB a try: (

Written by Shawn Wernig

Shawn Wernig

Lead Creative at Eggplant Studios

Shawn Wernig is the lead creative behind Eggplant Studios. While not full time (let's face it, more than full time) designing websites for his clients, Shawn enjoys good beer, double-doubles, and hiding from his phone.