Website Planning Guide – Part 2

Part 2 of the Website Planning Guide features the short survey I typically send out to my new web clients.

It's a crucial first step in the planning process, and as a designer, the information collected by this survey help me tailor your site to reflect the personality, tone, and mission of the business so that their presence online is the best it can be!

Some questions:

Please allow 1/2 hour to complete this survey

  • About you:

    • Your name:
    • Your business:
    • Your phone:
    • Your email:
    • Your desired (or current) URL:
    • What is your desired launch date:
    • What is your budget:
    • Do you currently have a hosting/domain package you are happy with?
    • How many email account(s) will you need:
  • About your business:

    • What services or products do you offer:
    • What makes your business unique, and why would a customer choose you over a similar business:
    • Using key words, describe how want your clients/customers to perceive your business:
    • Briefly, what are your current, and future marking plans:
    • Describe the person who is typically using, or buying your products or services:
  • About your site:

    • What primary business problem are you trying to solve with a new website?
    • A new visitor arrives to your site, you want them to (make a purchase, call, book and appt):
    • Using key words, describe how you want visitors to feel when they see your site for the first time:
    • Will special features you need eg. an online store, slideshows or galleries, regular updates, a blog, etc.:
    • What are the primary pages you would like for your site (Home, About, Contact, etc):
    • Lastly, please list some websites which have features you want in your site, or sites that appeal to you:

Preparing for your first meeting:

Take a moment to really think about what you want from your website – come prepared with ideas, sketches, questions or anything at all! You may even want to write out your ideas, or start writing some drafts of what you want to say for each of your pages. Either way, it will help us figure out what the best solution for you will be.

Hope to see you soon!