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Basic Hosting

$12.95 Month

The Basic Hosting plan is perfect for simple HTML websites and low-volume email. If you’re building a quick landing page this option is perfect for you.

Storage: 2GB
Bandwidth: 100GB/mo

Business Hosting

$14.95 Month

The Business Hosting level is the most common for small business users whose website needs are fairly standard. If you’re using a CMS like WordPress, and want a handful of emails, this is your option.

Storage: 5GB
Bandwidth: 500GB/mo

Enterprise Hosting

$19.95 Month

The Enterprise Hosting level is a step up from the Business Level, and includes more ram, storage, bandwidth, emails, and processing power.

Storage: 15GB
Bandwidth: 1000GB/mo

Custom Hosting


The Custom Hosting level takes your needs into consideration, and includes whatever it is you’re looking for. If you need Canadian Only servers, we can do that – or we can set you up with your own dedicated server for some extra processing power!

WordPress Website Hosting

We like to host the websites we build - and we do our best to offer affordable rates and top-notch service.

Hosting is an integral part of owning a website – it’s the computer, (or server) that actually runs your website – it quite literally ‘serves up’ your site!

We’ve found in our career that there are a LOT of hosting providers available to you; from ultra-low cost options, to hundreds of dollars a month dedicated servers. The cost often determines the quality, but there are plenty of older, slower servers that people pay a premium for – we don’t agree with that!

Developing and maintaining your website requires access to your hosting account, and because we like to build and host your website, we ALWAYS have the access we need to ensure your website is being served up quickly and consistently.


Domain Validated SSL Certificates $50/yr
Comodo or Other SSL Certificates Varies/yr
Daily Backups (Incremental) $60/yr
Domain Registration $30/yr


  1. What hosting panel do you use?
    We use the newest version of cPanel.
  2. Exactly how much Storage or Bandwidth do I get?
    The chart above shows the maximum expected usage for your Hosting Level. We’re not too fussy if you go over, and we have no limiters that prevent over-usage. If your website is consistently over-using, it might be time for an upgrade, however!
  3. What taxes are applicable?
    All hosting fees include GST and PST, Domain Registrations and Renewals are subject to GST only. Please understand PST is required byBC law.
  4. What technologies are available?
    We’ve tailored our hosting environment to be as modern as possible, and can handle a variety of applications. In the event that a module is not available, we can easily review and install it. Please note that we support PHP Versions 5.6 – 7.3.
  5. Spam Protections
    Please be aware that direct form-to-email services using PHP’s mail() function are heavily monitored and restricted for your security. This function is a favourite weak-point that hackers leverage to generate and send spam from your domain. We suggest any web applications leverage SMTP to send email through the mail server – this ensures your form-to-email services are delivered reliably.
  6. Firewall
    We take security very seriously. We employ a dedicated firewall for the server to monitor and prevent any malicious activity. In the unlikely event you suspect you’ve tripped the firewall (your website or email times out), please contact us to troubleshoot the issue – usually it’s something as simple as a bad password being retried too many times.
  7. Malware Protections
    We also run daily Malware Protections in the form of real-time file scanning and daily malware reports. Some older website platforms are prone to some common exploits and hacks, which these tools help prevent.
  8. Backups
    All of our hosting accounts are backed up Bi-Weekly, and up to 6 backups are retained. This service is included – but is upgradable to Daily Backups for an extra fee.