Website and SEO Audits

Curious if your website is performing as well as it should? Noticing a lag in traffic, or slow sales?

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Is Your Website Effectively Attracting and Converting Guests into Customers?


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Website and SEO Audits

Curious how we can help upgrade your website?

Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion. Eggplant offers website and SEO audits to help clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their website. These audits are impartial and informative, and include a hit-list of key takeaways that you can present to your stakeholders. Our audits are meant to be shared, and to be acted upon – but you as the client can choose who actually does the work. Sometimes the suggested changes are easily achievable, and other times they may require some technical finesse. Either way, if you do choose Eggplant Studios to complete the work from our Audit, we will discount the cost of the work!

“Shawn from Eggplant Studios provided exceptional work on my website design and business card layout. Shawn not only paid great attention to the details he also demonstrated his own creativity throughout the project. He exceeded my expectations with his efficiency and excellent customer service. Many thanks!”

Key Services:

  1. Audit your current website and discover it’s pros and cons
  2. Usability Reports – how accessible and easy to use is your site?
  3. SEO Report – Are you optimized for Search?
  4. Page Speed – Can we help your website load faster?
  5. Technical Audit – Can your back-end technologies be improved?
  6. Security – Is your website secure, and hack-proof?
  7. Presence Building – Are you taking advantage of third-party services?


How does your website rank for usability? For example, is your website responsive – does it have mobile or tablet layouts, and are those responsive layouts working well? Is your website easy to use, does it encourage and nudge guests(subtly or not-so-subtly) towards your goals? Are you using multi-language, or screen reading technologies?

Search Engine Optimized

Many website owners are rightly concerned about SEO – the magic bullet of the internet. Eggplant can help you understand how well your website is optimized, and offer some suggestions for how to improve.

Page Speed

Having your website load quickly is a huge benefit for any website owner. The longer your site takes to load, the more frustrated your guests will become – some may even leave your website and continue their search to your competitors, potentially turning a paying customer away!

Technical and Code

Does your website run a lot of custom scripts, and you’re not sure if they’re working well, or at all? Eggplant Studios can jump in and review the code for potential errors or vulnerabilities.


Nobody likes to have their website hacked, and it can have huge ramifications on your website, business reputation, your data, and potentially your customer’s data. Following security practices can be tough as a client. Here at Eggplant, we want to be sure all of our clients have safe, secure websites.

Presence Building

Are you leveraging social media, aggregate sites, your blog, etc., to help build your online presence? A lot of your success depends on how effectively you promote your website across the internet, and it’s all too easy to forget or miss critical services.  Let us help by providing a list of actionable items which can help your business succeed.