Help I’ve been Hacked!

If your website has been hacked, you’ve found the right place.

Emergency Remediation

Time is of the essence. The longer your website remains hacked the more damage is done.

Are You Seeing a Warning Message when Visiting your Site?


Are you Receiving Bounceback Emails that You Did not Send?


Does Your Website Appear Broken, Have Spam, Or Malicious Content?


Are Links to Your Website Being Redirected to Phishing Websites?

Website Hack Remediation Services

A hacked website is no fun

If your website has been hacked, you’ve found the right place. Eggplant Studios has been in the Web Development business since 2012, and we’ve helped mitigate and restore our fair share of hacked websites. Dozens of clients trusted us to get their website back online; and in most cases a clean and hardened website was re-launched same-day!

“Shawn from Eggplant Studios provided exceptional work on my website design and business card layout. Shawn not only paid great attention to the details he also demonstrated his own creativity throughout the project. He exceeded my expectations with his efficiency and excellent customer service. Many thanks!”

To check if your website is hacked:

A website can be hacked via a myriad of potential methods, and each hack may affect your website differently. Some signs that your website might be hacked:

  1. A Warning is shown when trying to visit your website
  2. Search Console suggests you may have malware on your website
  3. You’re receiving bounce back emails that you didn’t send
  4. Your website is noticeably sluggish, for no apparent reason
  5. Your website is showing error messages, or suspicious content like spam, pornography, ads, popups, etc
  6. Links to your website are being intercepted and redirected elsewhere
  7. There are new users in your CMS you did not create

Priority Support

A hacked website is no fun. Eggplant Studios puts hack remediation very high on our list of priorities, and you can be sure that we will respond as soon as possible to help you get back online. Every second your website is live in a compromised state has knock-on effects that may damage your reputation online and with the customers you serve.

Recover and Clean the Website

Eggplant will set your website to a temporary Maintenance Mode while we download and review your website source code. We will flag any suspicious code for  review, while systematically cleaning any malicious scripts from your site. Depending on the severity of the hack, this step may take the most time, but it is the most critical step. Using our tools, we capture and sanitize 99% of malicious code.

Update Website Technologies

If your website is built on a CMS like WordPress, Eggplant will ensure your CMS is fully updated, as well as your plugins and modules. In most instances, a hacker found their way in via a security hole in older software – it’s important to keep your site up to date!

Website Hardening

If required, Eggplant will install some security plugins to ensure a similar event is unlikely to reoccur. If the hack originated from a custom script within your website, and Eggplant identifies it as the source of the compromise, we will help you harden the custom scripts as well.