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We create custom Themes, Plugins and Specific Functionalities for your Business Website.

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8+ Years of Experience with Custom WordPress Development


We Build Modular and Flexible Themes Specific to the needs of our Clients


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Custom WordPress Development

Are you looking for a custom WordPress theme, plugin, widget or shortcode? Or do you need WP to do something you just can’t find a solution for?

You’ve come to the right place. With ~8 years of experience in WordPress, we’ve seen it all – custom booking systems, custom shopping carts, unique widgets, new content types with new templates, you name it, we’ve probably done it. WordPress, despite having a huge eco-system, and thousands upon thousands of plugins, may not always have a solution for your unique use-case – in these sorts of events, you’re often faced with two options:

a. Use an existing solution that’s not 100% what you want
b. Hire a developer to build a perfect solution

We offer the latter, and we’re excited to help you realize your future!

“Shawn from Eggplant Studios provided exceptional work on my website design and business card layout. Shawn not only paid great attention to the details he also demonstrated his own creativity throughout the project. He exceeded my expectations with his efficiency and excellent customer service. Many thanks!”


  1. Custom forms, or form integrations
  2. New content types, with fillable fields and custom templates (for things like Portfolios, Past Work, your Products, Listings, or other content types)
  3. Changing or modifying some core behaviour in WP
  4. Bolting-on something new to WP like Booking Systems, Interactive Features, Weather Reports, etc.
  5. User-facing systems and dashboards (for things like Members Only content, or when your Members can do things while logged in)
  6. WooCommerce customization
  7. Third Party API Integrations – meshing together your other services, like MailChimp, HubSpot, Quickbooks Online, Etc.
  8. And more – We can do it ALL!

8+ Years WordPress Experience

We’ve used WordPress for close to a decade, and we have intimate knowledge of the CMS and how it works. We’ve leveraged this knowledge to add custom functionality to dozens of websites.

Intelligent Integration

There’s often a right way, and a quick way to code functionality into a website. We take great care in the custom work that we do to ensure it meshes correct with WordPress, and is as future-proof as possible We believe in quality, and are not fond of taking cheap shortcuts.